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George Divel Investment Tip#15

Tips on Investment with the Current Economy by George Divel


The administration has now changed hands and people are still speculating on the outlook and trend of the economy in the coming months and years. Although burying your cash in an island somewhere seems like a good idea, financial experts still say that there are still some sensible investment areas even with the current condition of the economy. What is important here is to have a long-term outlook on things. Markets continue to fluctuate but thinking clearly amidst the chaos can help you ride the wave. As I have mentioned in Investment Tips#10 – do not panic. A smart investor never panics but looks for a window of opportunity.


One of the best tips in riding the waves of this financial storm is to create a diversified portfolio. Make it well balanced between stocks and bonds. Some experts are saying that this is the correct time to go bargain hunting in the stock market. Make your studies, explore and diversify.  The following are markets suggested by investment professionals that would be worth looking into this year.


* Commodities – Energy, precious metal (particularly gold), food and others are basic as it can get.


 * Basic Consumer Products – This includes healthcare, food and beverages, personal care, telecommunication.


* Blue-chip Stocks – As one financial expert said, stocks are one of the first choices that people opt to sell when the trend goes down. Check out Fortune 500 companies with international sales. These companies are more resilient in standing their ground while the economy collapses.


* Financial Services – People reading this might say that this is a foolish tip with the way things are going in the market. But hey, two years from now the country will still be in need of banks and those who survive today’s debacle will reach new heights.


With the unpredictability of the current market, it seems getting perfect timing is out of the question. However, financial experts say that you should look into the horizon when looking for areas to invest. If you need help identifying which areas, you can look for a mentor like George Divel to help you in your investment journey.


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