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George Divel Investment Tip#14

Tips on Investment Planning by George Divel


There are several misconceptions on what forms of investments are the best to take, particularly for those who are new in investing. If you don’t have concrete insights on whatever market you are trying to pursue, don’t make a big mistake in jumping right in with a large chunk of your capital. The keys to success are to learn as much as possible regarding the market and not to make any mistakes and bad strategies previously committed. 


Investment planning involves a careful study on where you can actively participate with your money, which can yield you with the highest returns. The following are tips on how to do an effective investment planning.


* Identify what areas you are good at and what talents you excel in. Think of ways on how you can utilize and profit from these talents.


* Know how much time you can devote to your investment. Allocating time can prevent you from being sidetracked and guide you towards your goals.


* Enter a market or investment where you understand the risks, so the possibility of failure will not come as a shock.


* Select an investment that you enjoy. An activity that gives you much pleasure can prevent you from being distracted.


* Make short-term goals that are easier to achieve, as well as your long-term goals.


* Learn from the previous years’ successes and failures in the field of investments. Avoid the pitfall of making the same mistake that previous investors have already committed.


* Put all your investment plans in writing. Continue to make notes related to your investment everyday. Reflect on them regularly and make adjustments as necessary. Don’t get easily overwhelmed by early failures.


* Monitor your progress by documenting your milestones and achievements along the way. Let these indexes inform you if you need to make additional investments in time or money.


* Find a mentor like George Divel to help you in your investment journey. Learn from their mistakes. Be inspired by their successes.


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